The Numerous Advantages of Opay App

My Dear friends,

I decided to pen this epistle because you are my friends and wealth creator mate.

Please take your time to read it. While considering the success of this group, THE MASTER MIND.

Again and again, I have been think and heart full of worries because it’s a project that must succeed.

I came to the reality that TRUST could be a big issue for us.

  • Not the trust that someone will go away with our money.
  • Not the trust that the idea will not succeed though, businesses fail.
  • Not the trust that someone will personalize the idea, though I wish someone should and share with us how it worked.
  • Not the trust that our children may not inherit or be a part of the business though, God always has a greater plan for each generation as they come.

However, the Trust I am talking about is CONSISTENCY.

There is no business that succeed without the consistency of purpose, interest or sacrifice.

Will every member be able to remit the money on the said date and time?

If I can say a YES for me, will I be able to say such for my friend SAMMY or ADEOLA or HOPE?

These are my bosom friends that I have not seen for years but we have always talk on the phone and do business. Or, can they be able to say such for me too?

Do I know my friend’s financial capabilities?

These are the questions that keep bothering my mind, even though we have not agreed on modalities.

Modalities are easy to surmount.

And come to think of it, if the payment is not consistent in 3 months, the idea has failed. We will not be able to realize N100,000 per month, the interest rate will not be uniform. it will reduce and the issue of equality without equity will pop up.

If we have a lawyer in the group as expected, he/she may start quoting laws while someone should not have equal percentage in the sharing formula with the others.

The banker may say, because, the money was not consistent, interest rate and bank charges be reduced or increase as the case may be, and so on.

After, a long thought, I came up with this solution which is subject to review by the house.

As I have always say, it is an open platform, our suggestion and ideas are welcome.

Now, we can build ourselves to get to the level of the consistency we required. (N10, 000 contribution every month without failing until our goal is achieved).

There is an APP- OPAY App that I have consistently used for 3 months now and it has help me a lot to be consistent in my savings.

Listed below are the advantages, apologies to any banker in the house.

Below are the Advantages of the Opay App.

My Opay App Deshboard

  1. The APP is very light and doesn’t take much space.
  2. It can be operated by any smart phone.

My Opay App Reward Dashboard

  1. When you put your money there, you can invest it automatically to generate 15% interest rate.
  2. You can get a reward of N10 every day.
  3. You can decide to fix this money and still get the interest.

Opay App Investment Dashboard

  1. You can have a daily savings with interest.
  2. You can send and receive money from the app without paying any amount as charges(FREE).

My Opay Verve Card

  1. You can get a VERVE ATM Card delivered to your doorstep through Speedaf Logistics, though, I got mine with N600 and it was refunded into my cashback account after activation.
  2. When I purchased some items with the card I was given some amount cashback.
  3. You don’t pay maintenance fee or any other hidden charges on the card.
  4. The card can be used on all ATM Machines, with payment after the 3rd
  5. The interest on your money takes place automatically provided it is on Owealth, every morning with an alert.
  6. There are other voucher benefit I received, I really don’t know why I get them, I guess it’s due to my consistency
  7. You can also play games on the app.

Note of warning;

I have never taken a lone on the APP though there is provision for such, I don’t know the interest rate. So don’t take loan except you are sure, you can manage with the interest rate.

Why am I introducing this Opay App method?

  1. When we kick start this idea, this application can help us move money around with receipt (evidence) to show to the group with any payment made and no charges involved.
  2. It can help individual to maintain the savings till N100,000 is achieved with interest via the APP. There will be no need to put the money in any mutual fund because, the interest is the same and there is a lot of rigorous activities to get the money out, such as signatures here and there.
  3. With this APP, more people can be added to the group…though, I won’t support this.
  4. Any individual can start a business with the Opay App as a means to generate fund for the greater good.
  5. While your money increases you can get recharge cards every 10 days for calls and free 30mb Data if you are on MTN or GLO daily.

Let us take this as the first assignment for this group with a deposit of N10,000 for the month of JUNE. While we keep search for the 10th person and by the 10th month, we should be ready with all modalities discussed and conclusion to buy the first Land.

We can decide to share the screen shot, when you have downloaded the Opay APP or if you have the Opay APP already, let’s see what income you have generated so far.

I look forward seeing your screenshot.

Thank you and God bless you.


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